Att vandra i skönhet i världen

Här hittar du mina tankar om världen och om Drömtiden och om vad det innebär att tänka och vandra i skönhet. Jag strävar efter att manifestera det kosmiska i det jordiska genom shamansk aktivism.

fredag 24 februari 2017

Seidr 5.0 – A Guide to Nordic Shamanism

The first Swedish edition of Seidr was published in 1985. The English version is based on the fifth edition that was published in 2016 and is focused on the distinctive features of Nordic shamanism.

The book is both a theoretical and a practical guide to Nordic shamanism with extensive accounts of sacred sites, non-ordinary reality, Dreamtime, vision quests, soul journeys, power, magic, runes, seidr, ceremonies and shamanic medicine.

Seidr 5.0 incorporates new perspectives on synchronicities and archetypes as well as impulses from quantum physics, alchemy and deep psychology in an attempt to develop Nordic shamanism in a creative direction. It is really about time to publish an English edition of Nordic shamanism and its creative possibilities in the twenty-first century.

Shamanism is about finding and walking one’s own way. The aim of this book is to serve as a manual and a guide to the strange world of the Nordic shaman – a world that is possible to enter for anyone who is willing to let go of self-importance and start walking in humility on Mother Earth.

This is the opinion of the Saami shaman Eirik Myrhaug after reading Seidr 5.0: ”Eriksson has a Nordic starting point for his shamanism, but he has also been much inspired by Saami shamanism. He also brings in perspectives from quantum physics into a shamanic world view and that makes the book very up to date. It can be used as an encyclopedia of shamanism. This book is recommended!”

Details: ISBN 978-91-978832-8-3. 96 pages, A5, hardcover spiral. When the book is ordered directly from norrshaman the price is (postage included) €25, £20, $30. The book will also be available at Amazon and the Swedish web sites Adlibris and Bokus.

onsdag 1 februari 2017

Course in Rune Magic and Shamanism

A course with Jörgen I. Eriksson 21-24 September 2017 in Tiveden, Southwest Sweden.

Rune magic is an integral part of a Nordic shamanic way of knowledge that was long forgotten but has come back with great strength towards the end of the 20th century. The runes are now flowing into our own time in a dynamic and creative way. This course is held in the wilderness area of Tiveden.

The runes possess a great inherent power. They represent knowledge from Mother Earth and do express the totality of all knowledge that is dispersed everywhere. The runes are archetypes originating from the beginning of creation and they are doorways into Dreamtime, the non-ordinary reality. They can be utilized to bring healing, harmony and balance to humans, animals, plants, minerals and Mother Earth.
In this course the participants will work with the runes in combination with other shamanic methods such as soul journeying, vision quests and walkabouts, ceremonies at sacred sites and the Nordic variant of the sweat lodge. The course also deals with the many connections between rune magic and quantum physics, alchemy and the concepts of archetypes and synchronicities. The aim is to give the participants a personal understanding of how the runes can be used as tools in order to think and act in beauty and contribute to harmony and balance in the world. The runes will help participants to find their own unique ways to knowledge and power.
Venue: The Hos Martha & Anders conference centre in Perstorp, Tiveden. You will find it on this map
All practicalities are handled by Sabrina Biscardi at Terra Sacra in London. More information on the course, costs, registration, travels etc at norrshaman.
Jörgen I. Eriksson has worked in the Nordic shamanic tradition for more than 35 years. He has written several books on Nordic shamanism and on Saami and Navajo spiritual traditions. His book Rune magic and shamanism has been translated into English, German and Estonian. His work is presently focused on runes, synchronicities and quantum physics and on reawakening, protecting and preserving sacred sites. More info at norrshaman.