Att vandra i skönhet i världen

Här hittar du mina tankar om världen och om Drömtiden och om vad det innebär att tänka och vandra i skönhet. Jag strävar efter att manifestera det kosmiska i det jordiska genom shamansk aktivism.

tisdag 7 mars 2023

In print again: Rune Magic and Shamanism

The runes are an integral part of a Nordic shamanic way of knowledge that was long forgotten but recreated by new shamans towards the end of the 20th century. Their aim was to pull the essence of the runes, their origins and meanings from the recesses of history and bring them into our own time in a dynamic and creative way.

This dynamic method is the basis of this book by Jörgen I Eriksson who has been working with the runes within the Nordic shamanic tradition since the early 1980’s. The runes possess a great inherent power. They are doorways to Dreamtime and do express the totality of all knowledge that is dispersed everywhere. The runes are one of the sacred rites originating from the holy beings of Dreamtime and they can be utilized to bring harmony and balance to humans, animals, plants and minerals. The runes are a sacrament in Nordic shamanism and by combining the runes with other shamanic methods such as vision quests, ceremonies, seidr and magical singing this shamanic tradition can manifest its full potential.

The author applies a dynamic and shamanic method to the runic system finding very important connections to the traditions of alchemy, to deep psychology and ecology and to quantum physics. A special chapter is devoted to an analysis of the connections between the runes and the nine creation waves of Mayan cosmology.

Rune Magic and Shamanism describes the runes as processes, their origins and meanings and how they can be used as an excellent tool in order to think and act in beauty in order to protect and preserve Mother Earth. This is a manual to the philosophy and practice of the shamans of the 21st century.

“Eriksson has taken the uthark system and magically transformed it to a pathway into the cosmos. This is not a how-to-become-a-rune-magician-in-24-easy-steps-book – it is an invitation to take up another key to open the treasure-chest of your life.” (From review by Jonathan Horwitz in Sacred Hoop).

ISBN 9789197883221, Paperback, 135 pages. When ordered by e-mail the price is US $30, £20 or 25 Euros (shipping included), within Sweden 200 SEK. When ordering please include your mailing address. It is also possible to order the book from Amazon or the Swedish web sites Adlibris and Bokus.