Att vandra i skönhet i världen

Här hittar du mina tankar om världen och om Drömtiden och om vad det innebär att tänka och vandra i skönhet. Jag strävar efter att manifestera det kosmiska i det jordiska genom shamansk aktivism.

tisdag 26 november 2019

Expanded edition of Rune Magic and Shamanism

A new expanded edition of Rune Magic and Shamanism: Original Nordic Knowledge from Mother Earth is now available. The runes are an integral part of a Nordic shamanic way of knowledge that was long forgotten but recreated by new shamans towards the end of the 20th century. The aim was to pull the essence of the runes, their origins and meanings from the recesses of history and bring them into our own time in a dynamic and creative way.

This dynamic method is the basis of this book by Jörgen I Eriksson who has been working with the runes since the early 1980’s. The runes possess a great inherent power. They are whirls into Dreamtime and do express the totality of all knowledge that is dispersed everywhere and continually flowing out of Dreamtime. They can manifest their full potential when combined with other shamanic methods and with new insights from alchemy, deep psychology and quantum physics. The author also analyzes the connections between the runes and the nine creation waves of Mayan cosmology and how to contribute to harmony and balance in the great cosmic cycles.

When the runes are combined with knowledge from deep ecology, deep psychology and deep physics they represent not only old age knowledge but next age knowledge as well. This kind of rune magic is deep shamanism.

Rune Magic and Shamanism is a book about real magic and a practical manual to the Nordic shaman’s philosophy and practice. This expanded edition is a paper-back, 135 pages. It can be ordered from The cost (postage included) is 20£, 30 US$ or 25 € depending on from which country you order. It is also available via Amazon.